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by:Changda     2020-06-17
The Spring Festival in the year of Geng Zi is a special New Year. During this holiday, China is experiencing a war without gunpowder. From Hubei to the whole country under the shadow of novel Coronavirus, we are perplexed, alarmed and enthusiastic with heroism, but we need more reasonable thinking and response after panic and enthusiasm. We have the experience and lessons of SARS in 2003. In this fight against the new virus, ordinary people strictly wear masks and realize the importance of standard hand-washing procedures and disinfection of daily products. As the saying goes, a bad mouth catches no flies. Before the advent of the era of modern food science and technology, people had a preliminary understanding of food preservation. In order to prevent food from moldering and rotting, people in history adopted a variety of methods such as freezing, tanning, high salt and fire fumigation, which to a certain extent extended the food preservation period, but also had many drawbacks. Along with the development of science and technology, modern food packaging technology can preserve food safety. The development of science and technology on the one hand, on the other hand, is the implementation of the system. According to statistics, only less than 40% of China's food industry enterprises can standardize the operation of equipment cleaning and disinfection. Nearly 90% of enterprises use industrial acid and alkali cleaning equipment and pipelines, which will lead to corrosion of equipment and pipelines, the service life of equipment is affected, the environment is polluted, and the quality of food packaging is difficult to guarantee. In the fierce market competition, only by continuous technological innovation and strict execution, the industrial norms of high-quality enterprises will be highlighted. In recent years, Shangzhimei Packaging Creative Effective Company has invested a large amount of research and development funds and carried out a large number of technical reserves in the food packaging stage. Starting from the bottle cap, it has explored the market and accumulated customers in the food industry at home and abroad. This is mainly due to the outstanding production and manufacturing process of Shangzhimei Packaging Creative Co., LTD. During the packaging process, safety and standardization are strictly controlled. For example, they maintain regular uv sterilization (effective sterilization rate of 99%) during the packaging process. All entrants to carry disinfectant body cleaning and so on, effectively reduce the operation process may carry bacteria and viruses. In the selection of production materials, all edible materials conforming to national standards shall be selected. And the manufacturing technology is increasingly sophisticated, lunch meat tin can, for example, now in addition to the cover, fully implements a integrated, the technology of vacuum preservation requirements for strict products provide a good storage conditions, like star cover, in the process of production, internal interface is completely choose the level of food materials, products overall maintained a high state of disinfection sterilization. The company continues to independently develop and improve the production equipment, gradually to the high intelligent, unmanned production site development, and constantly improve the level of health and safety production. In the analysis of domestic enterprises, the international packaging giant makes more than 12 billion yuan every year in the Chinese market, because it is not only a production enterprise, but also a research and development enterprise. The improvement in all aspects of packaging is active innovation, and it has more than 2000 patents in the packaging field. The domestic food packaging industry starts slowly, but the outstanding enterprise development momentum cannot be underestimated. In the production process of canned products, not only continuous efforts to improve innovation, but also transverse multi-direction cutting, packaging sealing, safety, production information and advertising images have been invested in research and development, the development process has also accumulated a number of patents. The company has also developed from a basic packaging manufacturer to a comprehensive solution provider of non-standard canned products. After the baptism of the popular, domestic food safety is expected there will be a new height of each link, standardized, healthy, and traceability of the canned food may lead to explosive growth, more easily guarantee the sealing of canned, so can always use inert materials, packaging materials made of the material itself element pollution rate is low, can sterilize the packaging material not only that, with pot seal food preservation time also further extended, transport by the probability of secondary pollution was greatly reduced. As the world's second largest economy, with a large population and a huge market with rapidly rising demand, domestic enterprises not only need production capacity, but also excellent control in the production process. Under such requirements, if we can develop a comprehensive solution provider such as Tetra Pak, we will certainly get the support of the market.
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