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by:Changda     2020-06-19
Food tins, container and other food contact materials is closely related to food safety, it can protect the food, but if use of packaging materials is unqualified, may cause harmful substances into food, there is a big security hidden danger. Due to the frequent food safety incidents in recent years, countries about food safety and hygiene requirements strictly, in view of the regulation for goods such as food tins continued to upgrade. The European Union, the United States, Japan and other major markets and emerging markets such as Indonesia has been food tins and food contact materials, the new rules, the prevention and control efforts often overweight, related export enterprise must attach great importance to. Chemical hazards limited expanded food tins generally consists of metal, glass, paper, plastics, composite material, such as involved in a variety of processing technology and production process and production assistant, the existence of poisonous and harmful chemicals migration risk. In October 2014, the natural resources protection organization, breast cancer fund and so on nine big organization jointly to petition the fda initiated, called for a ban on food tins affect fetal development, cancer and other hazards exist in the perchlorate, long chain fluorinated carbon all kinds of chemical substances, such substances as functional additives widely used in materials such as plastic food tins, this is a wake-up call for imports of food enterprises. In conventional food contact materials, phthalate plasticizer, toxic dyes, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals have been banned detection, and the limit range extends continuously. Bisphenol a, for example, since 2013, the use of bisphenol a in baby bottles and other baby products already ban by the European Union, Australia and other countries, and trigger a ripple effect around the world. And France announced that since January 2015, a total ban on the production, import, export or sell any food tins, containing bisphenol a in order to avoid this kind of material for ordinary consumers pose a potential health hazards. In addition, such as toxic ink food tins modification using is gradually prohibited by Germany and other European countries, and will gradually expand the test range limited.
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