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by:Changda     2020-06-19
Tinplate cans and frosted tins how much do you know about the difference of tinplate cans are now packaging world trend, tin with beautiful appearance shape and printing, to adorn the exceptionally beautiful attractive, its product on the market of tinplate cans packaging variety, which one is your favor? Today can plant small make up a simple introduce for you the difference between the tinplate cans and grind arenaceous tin! ! Tinplate cans from the grind arenaceous tin 1, what is the tin case tinplate refers to tin-coated, also known as galvanized iron or iron, usually tinplate cans offer overall to much cheap than grind arenaceous tin, tin usually when printing on tin coating a layer of white first, then on this layer of white in color printing, so the color of the print will be more bright, so a lot of people will choose tinplate cans as the outer packing of goods. 2, what is frosted tin turnip greens highly uneven, some people do not like tin too full of bright colors, like the texture of iron itself, grind arenaceous tins are very satisfied with these people's aesthetic and seek. Grind arenaceous iron iron, also known as the silver surface sandy, so we called the frosted iron, to much more expensive than tin on frosted iron, usually used for tin can packaging printing, if you want to print is through iron print, so can grind arenaceous metal particle texture. Above is tin tin cans and frosted tins of simple ideas, whether differences in one fell swoop and clear after the play? Is that you like tin cans or frosted tin? As the package of tins at the time of production, delicate sex is very big, can add different according to the requirements of brand design pattern, and because of the modification is very high, made the product is very delicate, but because the quantity of tin production business a lot, but now because the number of products using this kind of packing more special, so could bring some challenges, for some businesses, after all, they need to stand out among the thousands of products. Visual delicate tinplate cans packaging to make the product more good selling sales, tin industry has its own design and development team, can in many ways considering the design and product of the company's brand culture, we pay attention to visual marketing, to design a tin can packaging for your product, our technology and other aspects are after many years of accumulation of experience, can get very good control quality, if you need to customize the tin case packaging, just choose us, we will go together with you tin cans industry custom manufacturer of tin cans industry custom manufacturer accumulated 12 tins packaging experience, to use our custom design and manufacture of tinplate cans packaging, not only can enhance the value of the product, more can from manifests the enterprise the cultural style, also can adorn the grade of the products in the consumer market positioning, and through ISO9001:2008 international quality management system, the big enterprise trustworthy, we in tinplate cans, medicine tins, tea tins, health food cans, food cans, and other fields has a wealth of experience and a strong team, have suqian two factories can save logistics costs for customers to welcome new and old customers call to factory inspection. If you need to customize tin can packaging, tin cans, welcome to contact us at any time, we will serve you wholeheartedly! !
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