Gelatin tin box pack price rise by speed model | gelatin tin box manufacturers

by:Changda     2020-06-21
10 years overtook price 30 times of iron boxes with gelatin, preach depreciated wind again soon. In chengdu, companies have claimed that underground iron boxes with gelatin to reduce our price by 30%, September 29 was reported in this newspaper) And stock up stay up by local consumers. Beijing business newspaper reporters yesterday confirmed that received from gelatin distributors vendors have rise in price notice issued by the retail end, the parts of Beijing was launched in March terminal retail wholesale price adjustment, 500 grams of iron boxes with gelatin prices could reach 1300 yuan, and 240 grams of tin box stores sell gelatin could rise to 700 yuan, but the specific pricing for time and price adjustment to companies such as notice. The reporter understands in gelatin shop, the price of 500 grams of iron boxes with the company for 1098 yuan, if the price is raised to 1300 yuan, the growth of 18. 4%, and the latest retail price adjustment is in August 2014, when 500 grams of iron boxes loaded the company rose from 875 yuan to 1098 yuan, up 223 yuan, or 25%, despite the rise in not as good as last time, but the unit price rise twice the size of more than 200 yuan, also let consumers and distributors exclamation & other; Go up really fast & throughout; 。 On January 15, 2015, the company announcement said that due to the rising cost of donkey skin, ex-factory price increases 19%, the retail price also make a corresponding adjustment. This is the 1 January 2014 and July after price increases of 6% and 25% respectively, at the beginning of 2015 the company raised ex-factory price again. With incomplete statistics according to the reporter, this has been since January 2010, the company's ninth time increases. With gelatin tin box pack stores retail price soared to more than one thousand yuan, and the price is different, the entity shop and online shop prices & other; Civilians throughout the &; A lot of. In the stores near parity pharmacies, 250 grams of donkey-hide gelatin tin box pack price 408 yuan, 500 grams of donkey-hide gelatin tin box price is only 815 yuan. Pharmacy sales staff said that pharmacy must be a lot cheaper than the stores, years ago, this is the price, and have not heard of the news of the price. In Tmall mall, civilian large pharmacy which sells for 878. 4 yuan, and 500 grams of donkey-hide gelatin tin box pack price only 790 yuan, and & other; Praise to return 5 yuan & throughout; Favourable activity, and have not received a notice to rise in price.
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