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by:Changda     2020-06-17
Every year, the New Year gift packaging design market competition is very fierce. Companies are thinking about how to stand out from the competition. This year's answer is: design New Year's Day gift box packaging. Thinking about decorations and gifts may seem like the time. If you're a business owner, the holidays have been around for a long time. There are lots of marketing campaigns and strict deadlines. You are well aware that New Year's Day is the hottest time of year for most e-commerce brands. Customers crowded into the stores and traffic to the site continued to grow. But of all the activities, when is the best time to start preparing? The sooner, the better. Many companies have started to prepare late and few people realize it. New Year's Day in July. The importance of the word. But few companies can concentrate all their resources in August or even September. You may have a plan in place to avoid a last-minute rush. The plan is for July. Designing the package is one of these elements that you have planned. New Year's Day is the ultimate challenge for all e-commerce owners, retailers and vendors. The implementation of New Year's Day special packaging design has several advantages. A. Holiday packaging to refresh your brand image B. Allows you to create product specificities C. Create opportunities that surprise customers [D] emphasize holiday preferences Ha ha in the following, we will help you design a good package, let it have a New Year's Day atmosphere. 2. New Year's Day Gift Packaging design -2019 Guide Color mixing 1. Use festive colors -- yellow and red The use of these two colors in New Year's packaging clearly indicates this time of year. Even if you don't want a major change this holiday season, just add some holiday colors to your package. 2. Mix holiday alloys and black Festivals are seasons of design, full of traditions and customs. It became a competition. One way to stand out is to choose black and gold. Black brings you a sense of elegance and simplicity, while gold brings you a sense of luxury. Even the simplest patterns look better when using these two colors. Style inspiration 3. Inspired by rural design Rural design is a natural winner for a reason. They create organic warmth and take advantage of simplicity. This natural tawny is ideal for black, white, grey and gold black and white printing. You don't need complicated designs to make them look magical with logos and satin or Kraft tape, with festive patterns to solve the problem. 3. Choose simple packaging design Minimalism is a great way to connect with modern customers. Instead of rainbows, more companies are opting for quieter designs. Holiday packaging can also benefit from simplicity. When designing for packaging, consider simple prints - elegant fonts, tonal colors. White and natural cardboard can also create a subtle festive atmosphere. 6. Embossing process A little brand awareness can really do a lot. Embossing is an excellent way to use brand visual symbols. For more upscale brands, embossing is an excellent solution. This is a printing technique that creates a 3D effect on the surface of a box. By adding this novelty to the surface of the box, you will address the sense of touch. Combine embossed surface with hot stamping to produce good visual effect under light! Tip: Embossing works best on gift boxes with more unusual construction. Think of a box with a magnetic closure, a rigid box or an ultra-luxurious gift wrap with a handle.
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