| gift box packaging for 2019

by:Changda     2020-06-16
In November 2019, New Year's day is not far from the distance well, each big brand marketers custom fine and occasional necessities packing box, but the seasonal gifts are all ordinary people can't get the oh, the beauty of the packaging design several special portable gift tin box packaging, restoring ancient ways goodies for design of the packing box is concise and easy, restore ancient ways elements, on the basis of the traditional modelling add element of a modern design, modern tide restoring ancient ways with classical union, exquisite packaging is the festival atmosphere! With the harmony of simple design, it shows the dignity and elegance of brand manufacturing. Shang Zhimi's New Year boxes take a lively route, conveniently catering to the theme of the Chinese lunar New Year. With its red, cream-colored two color hand in each other reflect, three modeling also implies a New Year fruitful. Whether it is delicate Chinese style lines, or carefully selected colors, it can be described as an amazing start to the year. For such a full meaning printed on the public traces of strong New Year goods packaging box, especially several bright colors, reflects the thick festive atmosphere; This kind of New Year's greeting is really the best choice to visit friends and relatives and send gifts!
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