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by:Changda     2020-06-22
Gift relatives and friends has always been the necessary artifacts, when the Spring Festival of the Chinese traditional festival, all kinds of gifts advertising on TV, the Internet emerge in endlessly, begin to concern and attention by people, gift sales began to heat up in the market. As a gift, the packing is designed to measure quality of gifts, gift levels of important indicators. So more and more unique, the exquisite gift box design flood the market, also increased the use of the gift packaging market category, now the market more gift packaging for gift packaging multi-purpose market fairs, business gifts, promotional advertising, employee welfare, such as gift box products are mostly fine value of collection. Whether used in which aspects, the material of gift packaging design is the most important, most of that nots allow to ignore. Gift box production material selection of one of the important elements of products. Gift boxes which are frequently used in modern life materials mainly include pallets, wooden boxes, plastic boxes, leather and metal box packing box, these material can be used for business gifts and personal gifts packaging, but in terms of this a few material, metal packaging most can reflect the atmosphere and the grade of gifts, so the most suitable for gift packaging should belong to metal boxes, common people is the tin box. Chinese gift is the most important gift packaging atmosphere, and embodies the class. Choose to use tin as packaging, reflected the atmosphere and class, also highlights the environmental protection and beautiful. Like common tin box unique fashion, very suitable for the temperament of the pursuit of elegance and class women; Tin candy jar appearance design take tong qu, to have children is very suitable for family use; Tin high-grade cigarette case design of primitive simplicity, in the full of modern flavor is permeated with the flavour of the era, is very suitable for mature man that has grade.
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