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by:Changda     2021-04-02
Three inspection standards for gift tin boxes

Every time before the holiday is approaching, people will buy gift tin boxes as gifts to others, to show respect and respect between people, and emotions between people. Gift giving is a fine tradition passed down by the Chinese nation for thousands of years. In order to expand their network of contacts, many people choose to give gifts as a way of networking. Therefore, the demand for gift tin boxes has been radical in the past ten years, and every time it comes on the eve of major festivals. , The can factory will present a busy scene. So what are the inspection standards for gift tin boxes? Guangdong Mai's Can Industry Co., Ltd. will explain to you:

Inspection standard of gift tin box:

1. Inspection on raw materials: most of the various gift tin boxes on the market are made of tinned sheet steel (commonly known as tinplate) as the main material. The content, specifications, and environmental indicators of its materials must meet the quality standards of the National Standard for Production of Tinned Steel Sheets (GB2520).

2. Inspection on graphic printing: The shape of the gift tin box should be intact, and there should be no defects such as concave cans and deformation. There must be no burrs or edges on the edge of the iron box. There is no obvious scratch on the pattern and text on the surface of the iron box, the hue is clear, evenly bright, and the graphics and text are clearly visible.

3. Inspection on the shape and structure: The edge and sealing edge of the gift tin box should be intact, and there should be no obvious scratches and rust. There should be no quick mouth or false rolling in the crimping part of the gift tin can, and there should be no crimping cracks, iron tongues, sharp edges and other bad problems.

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