glass mosaic tile art: how to make a permanent signature ...

by:Changda     2020-06-13
The art of making exquisite glass mosaic tiles is simple!
Let me show you.
Have you ever thought about how to sign the art of indoor glass mosaic so that the signature does not rub or wear?
Nothing seems to stick to the glass permanently.
The permanent mark is not permanent.
Rub, fragment or fall off acrylic and enamel paint. Nothing works!
Until recently, I signed my interior glass mosaic.
I covered the whole mosaic (
Except for signature)
Use an old rag and towel, then gently spray on two light colored coatings of a clear acrylic sealant to protect the paint.
This method works fine, but it doesn\'t seem to last as long as my new idea.
Not long ago, I had an epiphany that I have been signing all my interior glass mosaics in this way since then.
Try it and see how it works for you.
Use this method only when indoor mosaic.
Do not use this method for outdoor mosaics or mosaics that will be displayed in a humid environment (e. g.
Sauna or shower area).
Note: try this method on a piece of scrap glass before trying mosaic art.
Try it on the scrap glass first and you\'ll know if this is the way you really want to sign on mosaic art.
It will also give you practice before you do mosaic art. Using a fine-
Prompt for permanent marking, sign your name on the glass.
I usually put my signature at the bottom.
The top right corner of my indoor mosaic.
Put yours in your favorite place.
I found a piece of tessera large enough to hold my entire signature so I didn\'t have to write on any grouting line.
If I have to write small pieces to fit the tessera single piece so I don\'t cross any grouting lines then I write small ones.
Show the art of indoor mosaic on a flat ground.
By doing so, the wet glue will not run or drip.
The glue is thick enough if your mosaic is flat, so it will stay where you apply (i. e.
, It will not run or drip).
Your Indoor mosaic lay flat and carefully painted with pure white Elmer glue
Your entire signature.
Do not touch the tip of the glue bottle to the signature, otherwise the ink may get dirty.
Squeeze enough white Elmer glue slowly.
Full coverage of the entire signature. (
White Elmer glue
Everything is going to school together.
I can usually buy a Big 7. 625-
Wal-Mart\'s oz bottle costs about $1. 50. )
Let the glue dry thoroughly overnight.
White Elmer glue-Everything was clean.
When wet, the glue does not absorb or blur the ink.
Instead, the ink remains intact and the signature looks good after the glue is dry and transparent.
The color of the glass will also be displayed, so the glue will not affect the appearance of the mosaic.
The ink is buried in the glue, which provides strong permanent protection for my signature on the indoor mosaic.
Don\'t try to get cute by applying glue evenly with a cotton swab or other tool.
When you try to spread the wet glue, if you press your hair too tightly and touch the ink, it will get dirty.
If you put the ink on one side, it will not have stains or blur, but it will blur as soon as you touch it gently.
So I suggest you not try to knock the glue line off.
Instead, close the tip of the glue bottle to the glass and carefully squeeze out the glue.
The edges look a bit rough (i. e.
, Not exactly a straight line and a square between each other).
It doesn\'t matter to me, they don\'t need to keep each other perfectly smooth, straight and perfectly angled.
When the glue is dry and transparent, I will not notice clutter unless my nose is just close to the mosaic.
As mentioned earlier, do not use this method for outdoor mosaics or for mosaics that will be displayed in wet environments (e. g.
Sauna or shower area).
The process is explained free of charge on my website and there are a lot of pictures, so if you don\'t quite understand, go to my website to see the pictures.
Try this on a piece of scrap glass to see if you like it.
If you do so, then you will know a neat trick that allows you to sign on an indoor mosaic art masterpiece and lets your signature not rub over time or
Keep in mind that making mosaic art is easy. You can do it. Yes, you can!
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