Global packaging development trend | iron box information

by:Changda     2020-06-19
The first impression of the package is very important, which is very important for many brands. As with all forms of marketing, it varies according to customer tastes and global sentiment, such as the current need for sustainable packaging. There are eight main trends that brand companies should pay attention to in packaging design. 1. Use bold colors Standing out is not the only challenge for brands. They must also stand out on e-commerce sites. In response, we see bright yellow, neon and metallic on the packaging. Experts say there is a danger of ignoring this trend. One study found that consumers make unconscious decisions about products within a minute of seeing them. More than two-thirds of respondents said color was one of the main factors they considered when buying products. 2. Innovation is key The packaging is being reconsidered. It does more than just protect products. As a canvas for creativity and design, it can stimulate consumer interest. The concern is to grab the attention of younger shoppers at the grocery store, who are more likely to be attracted by the packaging. 3. Use environmentally sustainable materials Consumers want to use environmentally friendly packaging, which is a persistent packaging trend. Most big brands, including Coca-Cola, are trying to shift to using recycled materials in their packaging. Consumers have been shown to be willing to pay higher prices for products produced by brands that demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices. 4. Simple and atmospheric style Minimalist packaging is defined as packaging that contains only the necessary information. Research shows that when a product is packed with information, consumers have less trust in the brand. Shows an easier way to build trust and authenticity with today's shoppers. 5. Retro design Retro labels may be the opposite of bold colors and modern packaging, but they are proving equally popular with consumers. They like vintage packaging because it evokes their cultural memories and easily resonates with them. For older clients, it's about nostalgia and seeing something that reminds them of their past and childhood. For emerging customers (young people), it can stimulate people's curiosity to explore the past. In these ways, vintage labels can appeal to buyers of any age. It is indeed eternal. 6. Windowing or transparent design scheme for packaging Transparent food packaging has become the mainstream trend of packaging design. Consumers increasingly want to be able to see the actual products they buy. They want the freedom to measure freshness by looking at products, rather than trusting packaging or ingredient lists to tell a story. Learning about food's journey from farm to shop is all part of their desire. We see glass bottles, PET bottles and even clear plastic. Tank & throughout; Becoming more and more popular. 7. Detailed labels This is especially important for e-commerce brands that don't have the opportunity to interact with customers in real stores. Packaging helps customers create memorable brand experiences that differentiate them from their competitors. Creating a custom packaging experience can include materials added to the unpacking experience. Some options include: & bull; Wrap the product in tissue paper. It adds an extra layer of anticipation to the unboxing experience. & bull; Sustainable fillers, such as biodegradable foam packaging, highlight the brand's commitment to the environment without diminishing the experience. & bull; Stickers are versatile, inexpensive and easy to label. & bull; Personal or special instructions add meaning. Handwritten messages remind customers that there are real people behind the brand. & bull; Color packing tape can be used to supplement your custom packing. & bull; Samples or gifts can be added as gifts. Thank you & throughout; Or introduce new products to customers. Packing highlights the features/advantages of the goods Characteristic marketing is a strategy that a brand can use to promote its CORPORATE social responsibility to promote its products. Socially connected consumers demand brands far more than they can offer. They want to know that the companies they invest in want to improve society, not just increase profits. Whether it is a social or environmental problem, packaging can provide a platform for marketing communication for reasons.
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