Interesting graphic design of iron box packaging | iron box information

by:Changda     2020-06-18

In the packaging of children's toy tin box, the rational use of humorous and interesting cartoon characters can increase the interest of packaging. Humorous and interesting graphics are easier to attract children's attention. Compared with text design, they are more square and visual, and have higher requirements on packaging materials and shapes. Children's packaging should be safe. The cost of packaging design is secondary. In packaging design, the text can be graphical to increase the interesting packaging effect, while the use of color needs to combine children's interest and market popularity to create interesting packaging effect. Therefore, in most cases, the design of children's toy packaging is integrated with graphics, text, color and other elements. Reflect the interest of packaging. In addition, the humorous and lovely cartoon character graphics can be applied in part or all of the packaging, packaging for the overall decoration, the overall decoration effect is more prominent. The humorous and interesting design of graphics generally includes such methods as personification, cartoon, exaggerated deformation, and happy situation construction. The picture below shows the packaging design of children's toys with cute cartoon characters on the packaging. This kind of fun design without pompous encumbrance is enough to make people memorable, and together with the image of the inner product to create a cheerful and interesting situation, giving people a humorous and interesting sensory experience. 3. Novel packaging boxes with unique design can not only convey information to consumers, but also attract their attention, so as to achieve a memorable effect for consumers. Novel packaging box design is a special combination of graphics, text and color elements, to build a vivid and interesting, colorful effect. The picture shows the iron box packaging of electronic products. The layout and combination of graphics, text, color and transparent part on the package are cleverly integrated and interesting. It is very tempting for modern consumers who like science fiction. Ingenious use of novel layout design in packaging design can not only easily convey the relevant information of products to consumers, but also promote the emotional interaction between products and consumers, so that consumers can experience the sense of novelty.

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