Graphic design of liquor iron box packaging |

by:Changda     2020-06-17
A. Graphics as the carrier of liquor culture and artistic aesthetics; Graphics is the most intuitive way to convey information, which reflects the design ideas and entry points of packaging designers. The forms of expression can be generally divided into figurative graphics, abstract graphics, decorative graphics and image graphics. B. The graphic representation of liquor packaging includes photography, painting and other forms. Each means of representation has its own advantages. In the design of liquor packaging, according to the characteristics of the contents, the key is to choose the appropriate representation. At the same time because of the development of digital technology and the improvement of computer image synthesis processing function, the application of photographic image in the field of design has a broader application space. The painting technique is more humane, especially the works about wine in the Traditional Chinese painting, which can play the packaging of the history of wine and sublimate the taste and culture of wine, so it is often used in the design. C. Abstract graphics of liquor packaging refer to those without direct meaning and indirectly related graphics formed by point shape change, line change and surface shape change. Abstract graphics with graphic symbols to guide association, produce implicit meaning. This design form can often be seen in the wine packaging design in Japan and Europe, but not in The Chinese wine packaging, which has a lot to do with the national culture and the aesthetic taste of consumer groups. However, abstract graphics in the design have great potential to play, which is the trend of modern packaging design. D. The decorative patterns of wine packaging are widely used in wine packaging design, especially the borrowing of traditional decorative patterns. Nowadays, some designers in China blindly pursue the luxury of wine packaging and the traditional pattern, but it has caused a very big opposite effect, making the packaging look medium and foreign. Neither traditional nor modern. Borrowing a traditional pattern must be built on it On the basis of understanding, must not abuse decorative patterns, and should cooperate with the content of the attribute, characteristics, grade, packaging materials appropriate use. The use of image graphics in wine packaging design often expresses abstract ideas and ideas with concrete modeling. The use of the hand is abnormal, surreal, unreasonable expression; Sometimes also can draw lessons from the cartoon cartoon form to carry on the exaggeration, the abstract expression form achieves the enhancement visual effect.
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