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by:Changda     2020-06-20
Tin box packaging is generally accepted very high-grade packaging, but in some areas in China tin box packing is still a blank or the tip of the iceberg, such as health care products packaging tin box. Tin box packaging development in China dates back to the 90 s, domestic can plant basically is done with tin tin is doing. Domestic tin was used as material of guangdong factory or very few, can plant market is also facing abroad, export of foreign trade orders. The rapid economic development after 2000, all walks of life demand, tin case began to flourish. Speaking of health food tin box packaging tin box packaging have to say. The health care products on the market can be divided into health food, cosmetics, medicines, etc. When people's living standard unceasing enhancement, the health care consciousness, the health care market is hot. All kinds of product packaging is also various. In these industries, health supplies, food, gifts, most are in cartons, wooden box packaging, such as the common food in supermarkets, health food powder, soy milk, honey, medlar, most of them are in cartons, and some internal plastic collocation, and silk, cotton, etc. High-grade products with wooden box packaging. Equipment category, most is to use plastic, card box, corrugated packaging, etc. Health care products market is so big, health care products in the market tin box packaging is just the tip of the iceberg, is often used, ginseng, American ginseng, gelatin and other health care products. Packed in tin boxes we can see from abroad, foreign high proportion of tin box packaging, all kinds of festival gift packaging, food packaging, health food, and so on, they are packed in tin box, basically source is imported from China. In the domestic tin box packing still in the initial stage, the 2010 Shanghai world expo, Chinese companies have also seen the location of the country put environmental protection into the heavy, tin is a very environmentally friendly packaging material, so the price of tin again price, at the back of the tin box, tin packing also rise in price. Health care products from an aspect that is because of the improvement of living water quality, the quality demand for better performance. Believe that health food tin box packaging use more widely in the future, will be blossoming. Starting in 2000 into the tin box packaging market, has been to provide all kinds of tin box packaging to abroad, in 2015 began to realize rising domestic tin box packing space, then set up domestic trade. Tin box packaging production experience of more than 10 years, to provide customers with all kinds of tin box packaging service.
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