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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Because tea is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, so is suitable for keeping in low temperature condition. Paper packaging seal is poor, plastic packaging, easily damaged, but tin box packaging is different; Tin box can factory introduce you tin boxes ( Tank) Sealing strong, high hardness, whether it is transportation, carry very convenient. Very good tea from harvest to products, its scent can be effectively preserved. But how can long to keep this effect has been become a business problem. Tea has always been a very popular a kind of drink, so the tea packaging has been also stores the focus of attention. Many businesses take paper, plastic, wood, ceramic and metal packaging, initially found with tin consumption tin box ( Tank) Packaging can register, other packaging can be used as a local data storage, so tea now widely adopt iron boxes ( Tank) To the packing. On the other hand, tin box ( Tank) Occupy more advantage in consumption and printing: 1. Tin can be processed into various shape according to different requirements, stronger plasticity. 2. Production process is simple, mechanized production faster. 3. Tin outside paint adhesion is very good, can apply to take all kinds of types and color paint. 4. According to different graphics and text design style. Tin box can factory specializing in the production, custom, all kinds of iron boxes ( Tank) Finished product, want to learn more knowledge related to tin box please attention tin box can factory website or dial the hotline:
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