How about Changda independent R&D capabilities?
Hangzhou Changda Can Tool Co., Ltd. has been developing our independent R&D abilities to meet the needs of clients. The professional R&D team consists of highly experienced experts and designers who keep generating innovative ideas to develop new products. From prototypes layout, testing on usability along with other features, and to refining the design before completed decorative gift boxes with lids launched, our R&D process is complete, making us stay ahead of the industry.

Changda's growing range of decorative gift boxes offer a great alternative to customers. The tin ball is one of the main products of Changda. Changda tin tray is produced by the following required testings. It has passed the mechanical testing, chemical flammability testing and met safety requirements for furniture. Since this product can be recycled, it is eco-friendly. The product can provide clean water with good taste. The activated carbon in its filter element system can effectively absorb the disagreeable tastes, odors, and chlorine to improve the taste. This product can ensure a healthy and hygienic packaging.

Always adhering to a high degree of social responsibility and corporate philosophy of metal ashtray is our tenet. Inquire now!
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