How about the minimum order quantity for OEM products?
As the OEM products are quite different from the product list and they target specific customers, Hangzhou Changda Can Tool Co., Ltd. requires the minimum order quantity for OEM products. Basically, the figure is given considering multiple factors like raw material cost and consumption, labour cost, machine occupation cost, and equipment depreciation. However, there will be some discounts offered at Changda since we value our customers in need of OEM service. Once the order quantity is impressive, we will negotiate with our customers to lower the price per quantity.

Taking the cosmetic packaging wholesale development into serious consideration, Changda has made a great difference in this industry. The tea tins wholesale is one of the main products of Changda. The design of our company chinese puzzle box covers several stages, namely, rendering drawings by computer or human, drawing three-dimensional perspective, making the mold, and determining the designing scheme. The brand logo and information can be printed on this product. The product is not subject to permanent deformation. It has good compressibility and resilience to guarantee that it will not deform due to high-intensitive mechanical movement. Its high-quality coatings make it highly resistant to corrosion.

Exploring the value of best puzzle box with full gratitude and reverence is of great importance for we at present. Ask online!
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