How many top box sets are produced by Changda per month?
Thanks to the introduction of advanced machines, Hangzhou Changda Can Tool Co., Ltd. is able to produce box set per month. As we have focusing on productivity enhancement for years, we are capable to make full of raw materials and promptly meet due time for orders. There may be some changes in the monthly output considering the actual demands from our customers and the maintenance of the production machine. Customers should be free from worry as we are a reliable manufacturer ready to process manufacturing on time.

Changda is a competitive and powerful coffee container producer. The tin lunch boxes is one of the main products of Changda. During the design stage of Changda charmed box set, many design factors have been taken into considerations. These factors mainly include space availability and functional layout. It is totally airtight and not impervious to light. It is widely accepted that our team now has gained much popularity since founded for its high quality and reasonable price. This product has the advantage of waterproofness.

Ushering in the culture of metal ashtray helps we to step further. Contact us!
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