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by:Changda     2020-06-22
Most of the time, we may be of a kind of commodity packaging design has no clue, difficult to grasp the key, in order to let everybody to design better packaging products, specially for we have collected some, domestic and international market demand for product packaging, packaging design for industry friends are doing no inspiration to do simple reference. The packaging general requirements of the domestic and international markets for commodities is not two, one to conform to the enterprise brand and product standards; Two need to be able to attract customers, promote sales. Specific requirements can be mainly divided into the following several aspects: a, convenient name memory. Packaging reflect product name can let the consumer to understand, easy to read, easy to remember. Second, the packaging appearance eye-catching. Let the consumer through the product packaging of domestic outfit product has certain understanding. Third, packaging and printing is concise and clear. Who put the goods sold in the supermarket shelves, is selected by customer himself on the shelf, salesman for facilitating the clients to choose same type product will be put together, so product packaging should have a certain appeal, can let the customer when choosing other brand products can also notice it, put down the selected products, I will go in the past will it picked up in the shopping basket. Fourth, packaging of credibility. When choosing unused products, customers will have no credibility and doubts. Product packaging design should fully embody the products and the company's reputation, product packaging to dispel the doubts of consumer psychology, to enhance customer credibility for our new product. Five, the packaging color and pleasing to the eye. Every region of the customer to like the color is different, as if the europeans like blue and red, if you want to products have a good sales in the region, the packaging design can use more customers like the color of the region. Six, contain certain areas marks on the package. Product packaging should be able to let people easily identify regional logo or pattern, this is also a way to reassure consumers. Seven, use packing materials with environmental protection. Affected by environmental pollution, global began to attach importance to environmental protection work. In order to better protect the environment, the world presented many new regulations about the packing material, the general trend is to use recycled tin box as instead of plastic packaging, plastic, packaging materials such as paper box.
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