How much do you know that tea with the advantage of the tin box packaging?

by:Changda     2020-06-19
China is the hometown of tea, Chinese tea has a history of more than 4000 years at least. So why tea packed in iron boxes so prevalent? Tea is a kind of dry or dry dried, easy to moisture absorption be affected with damp be affected with damp and produce a qualitative change. Tea is bad, the main reason why seal is not sealed, make tea absorbed moisture and peculiar smell in the air, or is a light to the tea tea lost its original flavor. Container, therefore, should use scientific and the methods to save tea from ancient has been changing. Use of the main causes of tea tins storage: in ancient China preservation and conservation of tea has a very detailed standards, generally with the clay POTS ( Ceramic container) For tea, because the clay is fragile, so gradually replaced by tin. So-called tin box, just as its name implies, is to use tin make tea boxes. Tin and tin is on the surface of the iron cross, in order to protect. Compared with other materials, tin box is used more widely, such as cookie tins, gift cans, grape wine and so on. Because in addition to the diversity of tin box surface printing, and has good iuster, more beautiful and high-grade. People like to use tin box packaging, but also because of tin box compatible with good strength, suitable for preservation. On the tea packaging, tea tin box packaging and what's the advantage in comparison to other types of packaging? Printing 1, concise, and show the beautiful, only the designers to do the design, according to the film output copy can be printed. With stamping machine to shape after printing. 2, low cost, and do a batch of tea tin tin box packaging YiLiangWanGe quantity price in five or six about ten thousand yuan. Ten thousand yuan and five or six order cartons of tea packaging are thousands of number; 3, tea tin box packaging of high hardness, general tin box is made of tin tin thickness of the products is in 0. About 23 mm, using existing technologies in the smallest thickness can reach 0. 20 mm, the thickness can be 0. 38毫米; 4, tea tin box packaging can also and other materials mixed with collocation, inside the tin packaging can fit into a paper box, or a wooden box design, so that more high-end of tea packaging design; 5, now advocate is brand strength, each tea tin box packaging can promote the brand, a good tea tin box packaging can also have very good publicity. Tin box inside the tin can and filling oxygen remaining in a container, this is the reduction of the metal. Reduction of tin can reduce the nutrition of tea by oxidation will change. Make tea extended storage period. Tin box can be completely isolated from the influence of environmental factors, to avoid the tea for qualitative light, oxygen, moisture, also will not make the fragrance of the tea become weak because of the overflow or by other odor pollution stale. So the tea tin box packaging to get the majority of merchants.
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