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by:Changda     2021-04-02
How much influence does the size of the tinplate box have on the price cost?
The market application of tinplate boxes is very wide, and the application objects involved are countless. Common food tin boxes, gift tin boxes, tea tin boxes, etc. are all our common tin box packaging products. For the size and packaging of the products, the corresponding tin box models and specifications are also different. At present, there are many specifications of tin boxes, all of which are customized. The size specification is also the main factor that directly affects the price of the tin box. The following tin box manufacturers will introduce to you:

The price of the iron box is generally determined according to the customer's customized specifications, printing requirements, quantity and other special production requirements. The items included in the regular iron box quotation are: mold opening costs, specifications and dimensions, iron material materials, proofing costs, design costs, product unit prices, packaging details, and delivery time. Therefore, the impact of the size of the tin box on the price of the tin box is only the tip of the iceberg. The type and specifications of the iron box also determine the amount of iron required for making an iron box.

The above is the content of the impact of the size of the tin box on the price of the tin box shared by the tin box manufacturers. If you want to know more about packaging inquiries, please log in: Tinplate box: http://www.
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