How much is the custom packing for iron box? |

by:Changda     2020-06-17
& other; I want to customize the iron box packing. How much is one? Throughout the &; Is engaged in iron box packaging custom manufacturers are often asked questions. In the face of the inquiry from the customer, in the absence of specific demand information, it is not possible to give an accurate quotation. To get an accurate quotation, the customer himself must provide the following information. 1. Provide the shape of customized iron box packaging The iron box packing shape has: the rectangle packing, the square packing, the hexagon iron can packing, the abnormity packing and so on. Among them, the price of different shapes is different, the mold production cost of different shapes of iron box is not the same, the price is very different. 2. Provide the dimensions of customized iron box packaging Inform the size and size of the box packaging, box manufacturers can calculate how many a sheet of tin can be produced, a sheet of tin utilization rate is how much? In order to determine the size of tinplate and what kind of printing machinery to use. 3. Quantity of customized iron box packaging Iron box manufacturers in the quotation need to know the customer's order quantity, manufacturers in the purchase of raw materials is also a range of prices, manufacturers must first calculate their own costs to give the quotation. There is also a printing plant will have a starting printing (5000 starting printing), which involves the cost of starting up, the more customized the more cost-effective for customers. 4. Customize the material and thickness of iron box packaging The material and thickness used in iron box packing are crucial to the price. A. Packaging material thickness: 0.23mm, 025mm. B. Packaging printing color: four-color or spot color; Single or double sided printing. Of course, different types of tinplate can be used according to product and design requirements. 5. Process requirements for customized iron box packaging What effect can be made by using convex process on the iron box packaging? The production process is increased once for each additional process. If the packaging requirements are not very understanding, you can give the iron box packaging plant a reference product. To sum up, if customers want to get accurate quotation of customized iron boxes, they need to provide the above five aspects of information to the iron box manufacturers. The iron box manufacturers will put forward correct, effective and detailed quotation sheet in the shortest time. Of course, if you are not clear also does not matter, direct telephone contact iron box manufacturers to communicate, professional iron box packaging manufacturers will plan for you to develop packaging plans.
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