How to design the packaging of Mid-Autumn Festival

by:Changda     2020-06-15
Many well-known moon cake brands began to design the packaging of moon cake in April, and designers have been busy preparing for the design of relevant materials for the festival. Every year, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a carnival for the brand. Many brands have introduced new packaging; I've sorted it out today to give you some inspiration. Iron box of durian moon cake Speaking of mooncake packaging design Of course, it should be mentioned that a limited package comes out every year. The cat mountain king & lsquo; & rsquo; In 2020, it started with the A delicious Mid-Autumn Festival. The theme of Designed the iron box design of 4 moon cake series With bright black bottom lining yellow design protruding, classic black with yellow Silhouetted against a & other; Have a taste & throughout; Festive atmosphere 2. Restore ancient ways This vintage collection has a light blue base In & other; The rabbit is running. The theme of And the continuous pattern design form of inclination and repetition embodies the image of rabbit running The moral & other; Chang e flies to the moon. The artistic conception The sky is round and the place is round Rectangular box with red is the main color Use red bars of varying saturation and depth It is presented in the form of Mosaic A minimalist wind that gives people a festive atmosphere Circular packing box Is still the use of red as the main color, highlighting the main color of traditional Chinese festivals, implying prosperity See the above several moon cake packaging boxes Which one do you prefer?
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