How to determine whether the tin can can promote

by:Changda     2020-06-19
The first step is to separate the product from the package: let's get into the head, in which case the package not only works for the product and its use, but also becomes the product itself, and the consumer sees it that way. ! This is not a hypothesis, but a fact, and I want to prove it in this article. In & other; Tin box & throughout; In this case, the packaging itself gains value independent of the product. Therefore, when trying to determine the needs of consumers, it is best to find out by choosing the packaging. There are basically three things that make tin can packaging a success: A. Its reusability (many times I buy and reuse packaging for other purposes) B. Value as collectibles (I buy and collect packages) C. Recyclable materials (environmental determinants and reasons to buy today) What do I mean, specifically? In some solutions, packaging is seen not only as a showman on a product container or shelf, but from the outset as a separate object that can later be used for other purposes or collected. This is how it immediately captures its own value, which can be added to the value or purpose of the contained product. Taking this concept to the extreme, you can turn some of your packaging choices into a sale-driven function: you own the box that contains it almost entirely by buying the product! CaffeIlly cans are the most up-to-date and clear example for everyone and are designed to be collectible. Tin box & throughout; The packing. Still, in many lesser-known examples, the packaging is immediately recognized as a valuable item, helping with the final purchase. The holiday candy industry certainly fits. In this case, the product is usually purchased as a gift, and the packaging retains the characteristics described above, such as reusability and collectability, and helps to create a fashionable image for the gift (an important aspect of gift selection), which is why it wins the shelf challenge. We bought presents; We want to be impressive; & other; Tin box & throughout; Packing gives prestige to our choices; We direct our choices toward valuable solutions. Obviously, packaging is the packaging that plays the most important role in this situation. On this point, many entrepreneurs who are proud of their products can't agree, all because of the quality of the final product. This choice isn't limited to holiday candy or general foods. Also in the beauty world, this is a widely used option, especially when packaged with beauty products sold for special celebrations, and it has proven to be a successful option for continuous sales. In very famous cases, the tin box packaging became so symbolic of the product itself that it was risky for the company to change the tin box packaging because the customer was packaging. Tin & throughout; Identify the product. For example, nivea cream can. The material has only a purely technical function to obtain precise meaning. Obviously, you have to find a consistent match with the product, but that doesn't mean it works for all products. However, if properly researched, it will no doubt greatly stimulate sales.
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