How to enhance the brand image according to the packaging?

by:Changda     2020-06-15
With the rise of e-commerce, packaging has become the customer's first impression of a brand. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a good relationship with it, starting from high-quality packaging, original packaging design is impressive. Disclosure of new product packaging through social networks is a trend, but most importantly, the public opening of packaging is recorded by video recording and real-time increase in customer comments (positive or negative). The marketing model is free and it's easy to get new customers. Therefore, it is important to enhance and protect the brand image through customized packaging. 1) Choose packing material carefully The first step is to protect the product, open the package, simplify the product packaging, choose high-quality packaging, and improve the customer experience. In terms of materials, it is better to choose recyclable packaging (such as tin box packaging) or recyclable cardboard packaging. This is also true for wedge products: kraft paper, thin paper, paper compression and wood compression are preferred over plastic cushioning products such as air cushions. 2) Personalized packaging design to distinguish it from other packaging Personalized packaging is a simple way to promote a brand at a low cost. Now we can customize all types of packaging: tape, tinplate, labels, tissue paper and even all kinds of shipping packaging (post office boxes, bubble envelopes, cardboard envelopes and cardboard boxes). To do this, you can print or lithograph the brand name and LOGO anywhere on the package of your choice, and get a detailed offer to accept to validate the order after selecting the desired features. All of our packages here can be customized or personalized by giving them special shapes or creating original decorations. Production costs are relatively high, but the brand acquires its own identity: it can no longer be confused with other brands. However, we must not forget the main function of packaging, that is, to transport and protect products! Therefore, keep the decoration simple so that the decoration of the box (such as origami) does not break, thus creating a bad impression. In addition, if the product is damaged or can't use anything, the impact will be negative. 3) Small gift wrapping If there's an important way to improve your brand image, it's by giving small gifts! It doesn't take much to create a surprise: postcards or colorful cloth bags, for example. You can also add a flyer to the package that provides a promotional code for your next order as a thank you. The flyer could also encourage customers to share photos of unpacking on social networks. Therefore, you can maintain this free marketing channel. However, these little touches will be appreciated even more if the interior of the package is decorated. Even if the product is clothing, do not wrap the product in tissue paper, as this will make the packaging more valuable. Adding a ribbon or other decoration around the paper will create a nice surprise at the opening. 4) Window packaging box This packaging design is a fashion trend: use it to hold candy. Because several studies have shown that a person's vision affects how he or she perceives the world. If the color is pleasing, immediately build an emotional bond between the customer and the brand. The result: The customer associates color with the brand and is more likely to buy every time he sees it. Many brands understand this and thus create their own brand identity,
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