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by:Changda     2020-06-22
Near to the supermarket the Spring Festival, everyone is easy to see this phenomenon: beautiful, elegant white wine or red wine bottle box is usually put on shelves in the upper, and simple packaging and bottle design, no packaging or light the bottle of wine is put in a lower shelf. More than one hundred yuan of alcohol are mostly tape in a box, 50 yuan is basically no packing light the bottle of wine, there exists a big gap between the two. White wine or red wine packaging use delicate seems to have become a mainstream. Will tell from the market positioning, no packaging bottles of wine light mainly aimed at the low and the mass market, and exquisite packaging bottle is aimed at the high-end market. Packing box, in the sales process and what occupy the market position? Although the market of each wine packaging is different, but it is not difficult to find price exceeds one hundred yuan of alcohol are generally use high-grade paper boxes, the upscale carton cost basic in more than 8 yuan, not cheap. But, in fact, when finished a bottle of wine to drink, basic escapes by citizens as the carton packaging waste to sell or as the fate of the garbage. Wine bottle design elegant, individual character is dye-in-the-wood, glass type, portrait, animals, etc. ; Packaging material variety, metal, glass, ceramic, crystal, composite materials, etc. ; Liquor packaging volume and more inflation, gold inlaid jade, finely crafted. These, all show the wine companies in packaging innovation in great heart. After all, for the consumer, choosing a wine temporarily appearance value is more than the taste the taste of less than, delicate wine bottle with perfect packaging can bring more & # 39; Eye & # 39; , can easily stimulate the purchase desire of consumers. In previous years, the market popular red basic disappeared, wooden box, hardcover gift box packaging design style also had the very big change, and old and bright red, big green & other; Local tyrants gold & throughout; Color is different, more pure and fresh and simple tonal give priority to with fashion. In packaging materials, the enterprise more consumption from high cost but the effect is not obvious material such as kraft paper, special paper, turned to use metal material production box, tin wine packaging as the main body of many production enterprises to choose.
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