How to evaluate the design of iron box packaging

by:Changda     2020-06-17
Different people have different views of beauty in their life. In fact, for a good product packaging design, it is not aesthetic differences, but the lack of professional aesthetic recognition. So, how to judge and identify a good packaging design? 1. How to judge the product's iron box packaging design? Who will judge it? The problem is that many packaging design (party b) the most trouble thing, when designed a think of exquisite packaging to party a, party a is often a not beautiful, at the end of the day between the two sides argue about aesthetic, learn the user's aesthetic, party a or party b to learn more about the user's aesthetic is one-sided, because the consumer is not only a specific population. Which side if the aesthetic point of view to judge a packaging plan is good or bad, in the end will only fall to a one-sided concept, and will deny the other party first half of the aesthetic, the key is that both sides of the debate over the comment is not a private art, but a commercial product, it is to face the consumer, but its private enterprise itself is not party a, when the product on to the market, retail to each user, the use of it will become for each user, so is still standing in party a party b's aesthetic standard to judge the commercialization of packaging planning, it is not scientific. 2. Product packaging is an essential part of the product sales process. It is a salesman who does not sell products. As soon as the product enters the market, the product's packaging tells any user, what's inside? What are you selling? With the high degree of homogeneity of most products, packaging planning advertising also appeared. At this time, the competition is that I can say the selling points and advantages more simply to make users more excited, I can express the meaning more clearly, more accurately to consumers want to see. The text and graphics of the package should be close to the truth and should not be exaggerated in practice. Therefore, no matter how the packaging design is changed or how the idea is played, the most basic application needs cannot be changed: what I am selling, why do you want to buy me? 3. The packaging design should reflect the attributes and relevance of the product. If the packaging of a product cannot reflect the attributes of the product, or it is not conducive to the development of association and association among consumers. Then, no matter how good the idea is useless, consumers will not buy it.
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