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by:Changda     2020-06-17
In the world of dazzling goods, a variety of goods packaging brilliant, which has virtually caused aesthetic fatigue to people, only those truly in line with the aesthetic requirements of delicate packaging, in the fierce market competition can stand out. Exquisite and unique product packaging design must integrate emotional aesthetics into design thinking, so that emotional packaging design can reach consumers' hearts, gain higher recognition and enhance brand value. (1) Improve commodity identification (uniqueness). Packaging design: Independent personality and characteristics of the identification of consumers favor, expand the market share of what is the reason? With unique personality and characteristics, the product packaging design full of feelings, separated from many homogeneous commodities, with strong recognition to win the welcome of consumers, expand the market share. Strengthen market orientation. The fast-paced life makes people tired of making choices, especially when the purchase purpose is not clear. They hope to rely on the independent guidance of the market and have emotional packaging design, which gives consumers a strong visual impact and encourages them to accept the invisible guidance of the market. (3) Determine actual consumption behavior. Compared with ordinary packaging, the form, color, material and technology of emotional packaging can more capture consumers and create emotional resonance, which to a certain extent has become a favorable factor to promote consumption behavior. Design is a special language, which can cross regions, break through language barriers and cultural differences, and let people get the experience of beauty from it. Specifically for the design of commodity packaging, emphasis on emotional expression, can further strengthen the vitality of packaging, to achieve greater value. As a medium to convey people's thoughts, gifts play an important role in bringing people closer to people. As an external form of gift, gift packaging conveys a kind of mind and realm. Good gift wrapping not only enhances the expression of people's inner feelings, but also fully expresses people's respect for the giver, which is of great significance for promoting people's feelings. The use of graphics, with special emphasis on the association of meaning and the creation of aesthetic sense of form, is often combined with traditional cultural elements such as animals or totem with good meaning, and plants with elegant connotation or auspicious symbols. (2) The application of words. Words can not only intuitively reflect commodity information, but also convey feelings with ingenious conception, which is the most direct medium for artistic design to convey feelings. The application of color. The intuitive transmission of color is the gift Packaging design is a good medium for emotional expression, whose graphics and text together constitute the whole gift packaging design, but also has a more intuitive emotional tone, can be combined with emotion, produce a deep role, further stimulate the emotional response of the consumer chain. For example: for young people, gift packaging color should have bold creative, bright blue, rose red and other rich colors can more suit their psychological demands; For the elderly, gift packaging needs to be heavy, and colors such as dark coffee and inky blue can be appropriately used to satisfy their identity and experience. For children, gift packaging color can be as far as possible off a little, using high purity orange, grass green and other bright colors is a good choice. The use of illustration images. In the design of food packaging, photos and images are very illustrative, which can focus on the essence of food and more intuitively establish communication with consumers. The application of brand slogan. The use of brand slogans in packaging The most important thing in design is to show the brand personality and product characteristics, so that consumers can better understand the product information. (3) The use of interesting colors. In the design of food packaging, attractive colors are adopted to convey the internal attributes of food, which can fully explore symbol colors and emotional colors, show different packaging styles and decorative charm, and make consumers have different packaging associations. Emotional packaging modeling. In the numerous cosmetics packaging, perfume packaging design often has rich modeling, to show women's gentle, soft beauty, to cater to women's aesthetic psychology. For example, the product packaging design of Dior perfume bottle mainly reflects the elegance of women, which is complemented by the overall sleek modeling design. It pays attention to the packaging theme, and mainly reflects the aura of women to the extreme. Emotional packaging color. In cosmetic packaging design, perfect modeling design and appropriate color can improve the visual effect, giving people a new and beautiful visual sense. For example, in order to show the strong festive atmosphere, the traditional red color is adopted in the packaging of moon cake tin box to reflect the traditional Chinese festive atmosphere. Think twice about yourself at festivals. Emotions. Proper and reasonable use of emotional design elements in packaging design can increase the affinity of goods, promote emotional communication, and achieve better sales results.
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