How to make delicate mooncake iron box packaging?

by:Changda     2020-06-17
Love at first sight. & ndash; Cliche, of course, but from a packaging point of view, what style is called the brand's dream first impression. However, to achieve this goal, brands must conceptualize packaging. From the first sketch to the first impression, it requires the brand to think like a matchmaker. Because the best packaging strategy is actually one that matches brand identity with packaging functionality. A good example is the packaging of iron boxes for Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes -- just like the inside of a product, the packaging is close to the psychological needs of consumers. The perfect edge of traditional texture conveys an advanced and familiar look in the long history and culture. Mooncake packaging provides a sensory experience that consumers consider second to none. & other; It was love at first sight. The packaging is not necessarily lucky, only big packaging manufacturers can do. Note that the package is the only marketing format relevant to each consumer, regardless of purchasing channel. Six ways to do this effectively combine branding and function in packaging design: 1. Research the target market Smaller market studies provide an effective, low-risk opportunity to test various packaging combinations - structures, shapes, graphics, materials, messages. With a short run, the brand can more quickly create prototypes and ultimately see how the packaging looks and behaves in the marketplace. This also reduces the initial feedback loop and optimizes production costs by providing targeted cues to help redirect packaging design for better results. Finally, brands can place packaging on store shelves and in stores to attract customers the most, promote sales and deepen brand connections. 2. Through personalized packaging design There is no denying that one-to-one personalized customization can make the brand closer to customers. But in a broader, mass-produced sense, personalization may also strike a chord. Consider a way to step back and tailor the packaging to a larger purpose (rather than trying to tailor it to every individual consumer). For example, Cat's Double-decker iron box of durian mooncakes, whose durian shape protrudates in place of the iconic parallelogram on the packaging, is an example of advanced personalization that consumers can actively interact with and identify. 3. Put the sustainable development of packaging in the first place According to environmental requirements, nearly 90% of consumers want brands to offer more sustainable packaging. As strategy development revolves around the entire interaction between consumers and packaging, packaging manufacturers have a social responsibility to engage in discussions that not only consider sustainable packaging, but aim to achieve it. This is what consumers want and expect. And packaging that puts sustainability at the forefront and center may win new customers. 5. Promote packaging for more sensory experiences In the mooncake packaging industry, we are seeing a growing popularity of soft touch apps as brands switch from high-gloss finishes to radically different aesthetic effects. As more and more consumers associate the touch and feel of the package with the quality of the product inside, the convex tactile surface treatment leads to a high-end, soft, durable and fingerprint-resistant multi-sensory experience. When consumers are attracted by the visual element of the package, the natural next step is to pick it up from the shelf. This tactile interaction is the source of experience at first sight and even at first sight. The first impression of packing is very important In a supermarket or store, the customer's first experience of the product and its packaging may vary from environment to environment and should be designed accordingly. For holiday gifts, the purchase decision has been made and the transaction has been completed. In this case, brands should focus more on open experiences. Consider preserving the sensory experience of the box's exterior and interior. Or enhance your brand reputation through your own eco-friendly packaging. While the safety and protection of package shipping is always a top priority, packaging still offers enough opportunities for brands to generate unexpected open experiences that deepen brand connections. When brands think about how to make consumers love this year's mooncake packaging, they must first think about how to make consumers love their packaging. Attracting consumer interest is a good starting point, and integrating technology or new decorative technology to create sensory experiences can be the first goal to be achieved.
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