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by:Changda     2020-06-22
1. Much do market research for the direction to make the enterprise product packaging with personalized, first of all, is to this enterprise product industry competitors do detailed investigation, analysis of competitor packaging characteristics of enterprise, to collect the characteristic, can attract consumer attention the first time the packing, packaging and then to the whole industry research and analysis, looking for inspiration and design direction of the necessary packaging design, so as to ensure that the design of packaging have uniqueness and personalization. 2. Will be unified tin can packaging and brand image packaging design must be with the brand temperament, combination of enterprise culture and the connotation, must not to distinguish the product packaging as a part, part of the product packaging is the brand image, companies that use it as a whole to carry on the design, the design of packaging is and is not consistent, packaging design must conform to the enterprise integral feeling. 3. According to the product characteristics along with society's progress, select the relevant elements to use requirement of the packaging design elements are also beginning to change constantly, now consumers prefer simple and generous fashion or is the product with unique Chinese elements, to use these elements to tin can packaging design, popularity and on the degree of attracting consumers will also be higher. But on the product brand image, the use of element must have other priorities, as far as possible the use of simple element, make packaging overall less complicated picture, feeling giving a person will be more generous. Must carry on the reasonable collocation of elements, as far as possible to brand names, product names, and other distinctive product introduction. 4. Packaging design is unique to the products of this enterprise and brand to stand out from the shelves of many brands, is to fluctuate from packaging design, let the tin packaging unique. On the unique design, can use the color more unique, with eye-catching color to distinguish with other similar products; On the shape of the packaging, now a lot of packaging are popular design style, the same packing the same products is difficult to attract the attention of consumers, from different aspects to more to reduce the conflict and other brand products. Products using the outer packing not only for packaging products, more is the enterprise image, brand culture and brand publicity. Packing of the embodiment of the quality and level, a lot of time in the eyes of the consumers are the embodiment of product quality and grade of packaging idea also embodies the idea of the brand. The effect of product packaging actually is bigger than imagined, it not only helps to promote the brand image, product at the same time promote the sales of products. Enterprise ought to tin can packaging design as a key value and to use up, create a conform to the product brand image, distinctive packaging containing company culture characteristics.
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