How to make your mask packing more attractive

by:Changda     2020-06-17
Mask packaging usually has two kinds of metal packaging: push-pull iron box and circular iron can. Round cans can also be divided into click cover, screw cover and ordinary cover. It depends on the demand for different covers in different markets. Packaging There are also packages with different capacities, depending on the company. But the size of 65*65*35mm is a common size in most companies. Now most businesses usually put product labels on cans. But cans with custom printing are more attractive than those with printed labels. In particular, balsam, emulsion, cream metal packaging attractive. We can meet your own design customized to any requirements of the tin can, or according to the needs of embossing logo. In packaging, bright background colors and glossy logo printing make the brand even better (Suggestions based on our marketing experience). If you are in great demand, the tin can gold tinplate will look more luxurious and cost the same as the tin tinplate. Please attach pictures for your reference. You can see the obvious between the two appearances. The cost of printing tin cans is cheaper than that of tin cans with labels, so the printed tin cans can be packaged directly with cosmetics such as face masks and balsam without the need for labeling on the tin cans, which can save more time and cost. Since we also provide door to door service, the only confirmation is your design, then we can start to customize your cosmetic metal packaging and let you continue to improve and optimize the customization process.
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