how to set up a beautiful and functional bar cart

by:Changda     2020-06-13
Grouping objects in a pleasant way is the goal of the episode.
Designers work hard in their tablescaping game, creating small compositions of layered textures and colors, drawing a large number of pictures on Instagram.
We asked some local designers to describe their design process.
Marika Meyer, a Bethesda designer, says setting up a bar cart should start not with wine, but with a cart.
Connect the material of the trolley, whether it is brass, Chrome or wood, with the design of the room and look for a material with shelves.
\"The basic facilities of the bar are an ice bucket with pliers, glasses, mixers, cocktail napkins and white wine,\" Meyer said . \".
She reminds you not to put dusty old wine bottles in your new bar;
Choose from three or four popular adult drinks and even some sparkling new bottles.
Avoid the use of transparent glass;
Especially if the shelves are glass, the colored glass will look better.
\"It would be cold to wear a row of regular glasses there,\" she said . \".
Don\'t feel like you need to put a dozen glasses on the trolley;
At the party, it is better to provide wine in another place.
Because so many cool bar accessories have a retro look, people will find relatives for unwanted high-ball glasses and cocktail shakers by the middle of the century.
This will increase personality (and provenance)to your cart.
Otherwise, check out thrift stores, Etsy and eBay.
For her brass and clear acrylic dining car in \"Lady\'s vacation\" at 2017 DC Design, Meyer added a vintage Rafiya-and-
Bamboo ice bucket. Her bottle-
Green glasses from Etsy
A few years ago, from a store in Dansk, the cobalt blue from her own cabinet.
Her monogram was painted on a white linen cocktail napkin with Billet. Collins;
Embroidered napkins of 1950s are also a great choice.
A small vase adds a good feeling.
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