How to use commodity packaging to shape enterprise

by:Changda     2020-06-18
Enterprise brand value lies in: clear and clear let consumers understand the enterprise culture and product value, so that consumers easily remember the brand can provide benefits and values and personalized services. To enhance the recognition, trust, satisfaction and even love of the brand products among consumers is not only the importance of brand building, but also the power brought by the brand. Therefore, the packaging design of goods is very important, it is the bridge of communication between consumers and enterprises, is an important carrier of enterprise brand value Courier. Today we talk about how to use the packaging to build brand value. 1. Highlight the aesthetic feeling of packaging The decorative properties of the package, nature and & LDquo; Beauty & throughout; Make the necessary connection. Beauty is nature, beauty is unique, beauty is innovation, beauty is a happy, a favor, a pleasure. The design of product package cannot leave the expression of aesthetic feeling. If packaging design does not pay attention to the appearance of packaging design, it will not attract the attention of consumers. Because any product to the consumer's first sense of information is the first from the outside. Nowadays, the market economy has been leading the development of social economy, the aesthetic function of brand packaging design has been put forward more and more high requirements. The consumer group is presented by diversity. Beauty & throughout; The needs are not the same. The personalized design of packaging reflects the beauty, to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumer groups. 2. Highlight brand personality Brand packaging design is one of the important carriers of corporate culture. In the era of diversity and individuality, pursue & LDquo; One size fits all. Fashion no longer exists, replaced by a colorful, diverse, diverse, personalized consumer market. In particular, the mainstream consumer groups in today's era have relatively rich material life, meet the inevitable formation of spiritual needs, the pursuit of personalized needs, and even ldQUO; Feelings & throughout; To meet. In this case, to give full play to the advertising role of packaging, the enterprise specially customized personalized brand packaging. 3. Packaging function design Packaging design is a part of the goods, has a strong practical, many of its characteristics can only be used out. The main function of packaging design is to protect goods, enhance the corporate image, it also has the function of emotion, marketing, display, and can make people see think feelings, emotional needs of the function. Therefore, when we design product packaging, we should meet the needs of consumers from various functional aspects, so that consumers have brand security brand trust. 4. Packaging design The key point of packaging design is to communicate with the target consumers spiritually. We should design a package with unique style and psychological resonance for the target consumers according to their physiological and psychological needs, aesthetic feeling, cultural taste, product characteristics and other factors.
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