How to use the color element | in packaging design

by:Changda     2020-06-18
The main purpose of the use of color in packaging is to elicit an emotional response from those who consume it - whether it is an emotional experience or an advertisement instilling hope or desire. Harmonious use of color in packaging design is as important as harmony in music. In music, harmony is the simultaneous use of complementary notes or sounds to create pleasing effects for the listener. Also, colors can and should be used to achieve similar effects in graphic design. Read on to learn about harmonious colors, why they are so important, and how to use them to create compelling designs, like music in the eyes of the audience! What does color harmony mean? Color harmony is the side-by-side use of a pleasing combination of colors. This can create contrast or concord (when you use similar shadows) - as long as they make sense together and create a visually satisfying effect. Why is color harmony important in packaging Color harmony is an important part of color theory because the human brain seeks balance in our visual experience. Therefore, it is not only necessary to make a logical order of the composition of our design and the colors we use. If your color scheme doesn't match, one of two things can happen. Your design looks dull and boring, so your audience feels overwhelmed and is likely to forget your brand quickly. Your design is so chaotic and overwhelming that the brain can't handle it - so your audience can fire it quickly. Some color combinations are so incongruous that they can actually hurt the viewer's eyes! This is called a vibrational color effect and occurs because the color edges look blurry and glowing. This happens when you use two colors that complement each other (that is, they are on opposite sides of the color wheel) but are used with high saturation and brightness. While these combinations are acceptable in print, they create a very uncomfortable viewing experience on the screen and should be avoided at all costs! Color harmony and how they work Even if you've never heard of color harmony, you've probably seen it before. These combinations just hang together easily, even if it's hard to point out why. Depending on the color you use, a harmonious color scheme can be soothing, stimulating or powerful. Here, let's look at some effective examples of brands.
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