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by:Changda     2020-06-22
A: hi! Will you have tea tins you talk? Packaging is not only a vessel carrying goods, but also a desire to stimulate consumption, guide consumption. Now tea tins design is not only to protect the physical function of goods, more want to develop the psychological function of consumers' attention, but also enhance the aesthetic level, the consumers. Tea market consumer groups generally is with men, therefore, to understand the psychological characteristics of male consumers when shopping, tea tins packaging design, on the basis of the consumption psychology of the shoppers, is of great significance for promoting product sales. Tea raw materials mainly tin tin, tin is tin on the surface of iron cross, in order to protect the product. High quality tinplate piece generally produced in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other places, because of tinplate quality of a material is very soft and elastic, easy to shape in the process of production of different shapes. For now the Chinese market, the use of tinplate packaging tea are in the high-end market as the goal, just as the west lake longjing tea, huangshan maofeng tea, 'biluochun', elegant tea tieguanyin tea, xinyang maojian tea and so on. The tinplate packaging mainly in Europe and the United States for the consumer market. Tin box is mainly used for packaging of food and health products, tin case is used for packing tea, cookies, alcohol, second tin box is now in the tobacco industry's market share is very big also, because this kind of product need to be packing seal performance, and tin box packing also is the first choice. In the late development of tea consumption market is full of great potential, who can outshine others in numerous high-grade brand competition, stand out, who will occupy the huge market opportunities and profits. And tea tins packaging to attract consumers eyeball the first hurdle, packaging design, and the embodiment of the administrative levels feeling just is the key to mark. Tea tins in the design, therefore, should make full use of the style and the administrative levels of lenovo, as far as possible to consumers more to imagine better.
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