ice bucket challenge funds gene discovery in als (mnd) research

by:Changda     2020-06-14
The ALS Association said that the ice bucket challenge of viral transmission in 2014 funded an important scientific genetic discovery of the progressive neurological disease ALS.
Scientists have discovered the new gene nek1 that causes the disease.
The Ice Bucket Challenge raised $115 (£87. 7m)
People pour cold water on themselves and post videos on social media.
It was criticized as a gimmick but has funded six research projects.
Ice bucket challenge: what has happened since then?
Ice bucket challenge: When Project MinE, published in Nature Genetics, expanded the Ice Bucket Challenge to IranResearch, one out of every six Britons took part, the biggest --
Previous studies on genetic ALS, also known as motor neuron disease (MND).
More than 80 researchers in 11 countries are looking for ALS risk genes in families affected by the disease.
\"The reason why the complex genetic analysis that led to this finding is possible is simply because there are a large number of ALS samples,\" said Lucie Bruijn of the ALS Association . \".
The identification of gene NEK1 means scientists can now develop a gene therapy to treat it.
Although only 10% of ALS patients have genetic forms, the researchers believe that the proportion of cases caused by genetic factors is much higher.
Social media is filled with videos of people raising money for ALS in the summer of 2014.
More than 17 million people have uploaded videos to Facebook, including many celebrities who are up to the challenge, and 0. 44 billion people around the world have watched them.
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