ice bucket challenge makes a splash for charity

by:Changda     2020-06-14
A month ago, if George W.
Bush, Oprah, Jay withermere, Mario borotelli, Helen shield, and frog Kermit are all very vague.
Unless you \'ve been trying to surf the Internet with watermelon, the answer should be as clear as cold water.
All of this completes the ALS ice bucket challenge.
This is the most influential social media: celebrities and ordinary people around the world come together to be a charity, stupid video --
Sharing collective
Whether participation is completely altruistic is another matter.
But more later.
The rules for the ice bucket challenge are: once challenged, you have 24 hours to take photos of yourself getting wet with cold water, or donate $100 to fight motor neuron disease.
People who still urge the completion of the challenge to donate (
Although the number is small)
And must challenge three people to follow suit when posting videos to Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/Twitter.
It is worth noting that the ALS Association has been doing well since 1985.
But in 2014, social media certainly helped the world notice that.
Last week, the charity announced that it had received an increase of about $40 million over the same period in 2013, with 750,000 new donors joining the cause.
Without a valid viral marketing campaign, these numbers are certainly not that impressive-there are some notable phenomena in this campaign.
Some people have canceled the Ice Bucket Challenge. It\'s a fashion.
What about a more windy one? Bo BringBackOurGirls lazy activism, eventually disappeared like nomakeupelfie Kony2012, etc.
Others question the significance of splashing water on your head to avoid providing financial support, while some deliberately say they refuse to soak the ceremony and donate the full amount.
Of course, there might be a bunch of barrel villain packs that don\'t know what ALS are or even don\'t care, just want to make one like Chris Pratt and J-Lo.
But I bet there are a lot of thanks for the support.
While the ice bucket movement is probably the most watched sport in its history, you can\'t help but admire that ALS has found a unique way to attract people to their careers.
Even before the rise of social media, most successful activities were attached to an identifier-Red Nose Day, Daffodil Day, White Ribbon Day, and the largest morning tea were just a few examples.
But the increasing competition for funds has forced marketers to find new and unique ways for charities to stand out.
According to the Australian charity,for-
The profit committee added 2300 charities between December 2012 and January 2014.
Probably no one can chatter at 600 charities currently registered in the state of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trade Tasmania.
So go pour a bucket of water on your head.
Shoot your friends to do the same, give charity a little help and spread the word.
But if you want it to really make sense, think about why you\'re doing it and what you can do to support the cause for the long term.
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