Innovation tinplate printing technology

by:Changda     2020-06-15
1. New can printing technology can help the brand win the market. The large size of the beverage can industry, with an annual demand of 60 cans, indicates that the market is extremely competitive and it is difficult to make your product stand out without novel packaging. Cans stand out from other forms of packaging, and the specially printed cans have attracted even more attention. New and innovative printing technologies revolutionized the beverage; Food companies can use the possibility and enable each food company to promote its own brand in an original way. This means that marketers now have many new and exciting ways to promote that offer consumers better value for money, greater engagement, and advertising that includes the product. 2. Beautiful appearance One of the most effective and original options available to brands is the ability to manufacture packages with a special appearance. These new branded technologies include photochromic and thermochromic, matte OV and neon inks and topcoats: possibilities vary. Technique 1: Thermochromic and photochromic beverage cans can be used for printing ink Metal packaging thermochromic and photochromic Thermochromic and photochromic inks make the can of soft drink like a chameleon. The resulting visual effects may be similar to those of the two techniques, but in a completely different way: Thermochromic inks cover a portion of the can with a temperature-sensitive pigment, for example, to let consumers know when a drink has reached its optimal drinking temperature. Photochromic inks change color under direct sunlight and may display new images, colors and information. Recent developments in photochromic inks mean that cans can change colour almost immediately when exposed to sunlight, resulting in a On/off & throughout; The effect. Technology 2: Glow-in-the-dark and neon drink can printing & other; Noctilucent & throughout; And & other The neon lights & throughout; Inks are great for brands that want to add more impact to their products, especially at night. The glow in the dark appears white during the day as it absorbs light, then emits a soft green in the dark. Neon ink is the solution for places like nightclubs and bars. Some of these POTS glow strongly in ultraviolet light, ideal for highlighting the brand name Technology 3: Tactile OV-experience products Tactile OV USES a special coating technology to provide consumers with a tactile experience of the product. The different surfaces can be felt when holding the tin, making it particularly effective in picking up certain elements of the image. Technology 4: High definition beverage can printing High definition ink offers more creative design options and allows very detailed images to be copied onto cans. Instead of simplified canned derivative products in print or online advertising, the same detailed images can be used throughout the execution of the creative process; Make products stand out and attract consumers' attention; Although these interactive technology inks cost more than traditional printing, they do allow brand owners to add ingenuity and more fun to their customers' drink experience. Technology 5: Variable beverage can printing Thanks to variable printing techniques, it is now possible to print multiple designs on a single pallet. For cans of various sizes, up to 24 different designs can be integrated into the existing printing process. This makes it easy for customers to develop and offer special promotions. Brand is no longer limited to only one or two visual designs & Hellip; & hellip; Instead, it can provide a more personalized and targeted approach. Technique 6: Laser engraving Laser printer is another efficient way to print various information on beverage packaging. For example, you can add a LOGO, bar code, serial and lot Numbers or unique codes for contests and raffles. The laser printer works by ablation, etching or foaming. In ablative etching, the laser removes the ink covering from the printed product and then displays the background color below it. The heat from the laser beam melts the surface and leaves a raised mark. Finally, etching is a good choice for high-speed marking because almost every laser pulse of the substrate is immediately etched. Packaging is a medium, but it is different from any other medium because it also contains products; This gives it a unique position because it works both when buying and when consuming. There are huge opportunities in the canned beverage industry. When it comes to innovative printing technologies, there are a number of options available to give cans a competitive edge and thus make them stand out from the crowd.
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