International beauty expo | belt you know beauty makeup industry tin box packaging

by:Changda     2020-06-19
On September 5, 2019 - 7, the 53rd China ( ) International art fair in pazhou convention and exhibition center smoothly. The beauty expo together many industry top exhibitors, assemble, big known is gathered. With small make up take A look at the booth area A 4. 1 pavilion K19 can another wonderful! ! ! ! Metal products co. , LTD. With the design of high quality tin box packing, tin, such as the mask box, cosmetic suits gift boxes, lipstick and eye shadow boxes, etc. , strong to attend the expo in 2019. Unique booth design and a wide selection of tin box packaging sample make enough attention and praise, in the United States is now shining on the fair. Beauty expo started the first day of the pavilion in the bustling, staff is almost a moment non-stop reception from new and old customers at home and abroad. Many visitors to our tin box packing, tin has a keen interest in in succession. Professional service team for the presence of customer products, the interpretation of serious also provide them with professional tin box custom packing. Exhibition hall was full, an endless stream of beauty industry friends to come to consult, has repeatedly praised in our products. Full of enthusiasm, the interpretation of repeated during conversation. Is still in continue, the exhibition booth attracted numerous stop exhibition, sales staff with full enthusiasm and serious attitude, has been communication with exhibition, were amazed by the diversity of product form design and professional of staff. More about the quality of our products and delivery by surrendering and showed a strong cooperation intention. At the scene, the customer have to make an appointment to the company to visit our factory, visit our production line and production process of the product. Highly recognition on the production line of our company. The next time, also ready to complete, meet more forward-looking, the beauty of like-minded friends. We will continue to improve product quality and perfect service mechanism, continue to provide customers with excellent products and satisfactory service, deliver a better brand image for our customers!
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