How to design | iron box for simple cosmetic packaging

by:Changda     2020-06-18

Cosmetics iron box packaging design has a certain purpose, first of all, packaging design positioning thought, without positioning there is no purpose, pertinence, there is no target audience, the goods will not be sold out naturally, which also lost the significance of the new era of packaging design. In terms of the cosmetics market, the competition among various brands is particularly fierce. Effective division of the consumer market can avoid vicious competition, enable brands to seek the way of survival in the gap, and define the sales target of the market strategy more clearly. Contracted cosmetic packaging has certain pertinence. The following standards should be paid attention to in simple package design: 1. Simple packaging should be unique simple beauty, to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers. In the city, where the commercial map is everywhere, people are tired of deliberately sculpted, overlaid and disordered. Simple cosmetics packaging design meets the psychological needs of urban consumers, such as the use of simple and smooth lines, elegant colors, comfortable and natural materials. 2. Practicality of packaging. Practicality is the convenience and safety in the practical process; In addition to the name, brand and trademark of the goods, the package should also indicate the quantity, weight, quality, manufacturer (and address, telephone number), date of production, price or barcode; Food packaging must have nutrients, raw materials, expiry date. And safety includes moistureproof, mouldproof, mothproof, shockproof, leakproof, shatterproof, prevent squeeze to wait. 3. Innovation of packaging design. In today's fierce commodity competition, if the style of cosmetic packaging design tends to homogenize, consumers will have aesthetic fatigue, visual impact will be greatly weakened. Therefore, in the design of simple packaging should pay attention to shape personalized, unique, avoid the same. Countries in different regions have their own unique cultural spirit, the design should fully consider the regional cultural factors contained in the package, give the product a certain characteristic cultural taste, and combined with the simple design concept and design techniques, so that it has a strong cultural charm and unique personality.

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