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by:Changda     2020-06-18
1. Be clear Although we all know that the packaging of our brand should be clear, how can you make sure that the packaging design is clear and simple? The author gives a simple but useful hint about this element. He advises readers to go to the supermarket shelves and look at any product and ask themselves two questions. What is this product for? What is the brand behind it? If you find that you can't easily answer these two questions about the product in four seconds, the design of the product will be unclear and simple. There is a four-second time limit because that is the average amount of time a consumer spends on any product on the retail shelf. 2. Honesty of packaging illustrations The authors suggest that brand owners and packaging designers always strive to represent their products honestly on the packaging. While everyone wants to present the product in the best possible way on the packaging, this must not come at the cost of honesty. In addition to being unethical, misrepresentations about your products can ultimately lead to consumer disappointment with your products and may have bad faith toward your brand. 3. Scalability Although the technique seems to be. As easy as pie. But it's important to remember to create a packaging design that can be easily adjusted if new products are added to the product line. For example, if you are producing packages of apple juice, do not include apples in the logo or basic design, as adding other non-apple flavors in the future may cause confusion. 4. Practical Brands and packaging designers are strongly advised not to stick to the tried and tested shape on the packaging, and always consider whether there are other shapes that are more practical or more helpful for consumers to use, carry or store the product more easily. In the case of cartons and metal boxes, you can explore a variety of box shapes to create a more humane type of packaging.
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