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by:Changda     2020-06-17
There are many kinds of cosmetics, and the market competition is also very fierce. Every cosmetics merchant takes great pains to expand the performance of his products, focusing on the packaging of cosmetics and opening new sales markets through customized and personalized iron box packaging. The functions and functions of cosmetics are becoming more and more refined, and there are more and more cosmetics with comprehensive functions. At the same time, each business in order to better promote their products, specially customized for cosmetics iron box packaging. Cosmetic iron box packaging has the function of promoting products, enhancing product image and promoting sales. Generally, the following basic principles should be followed when customizing iron box packaging of cosmetics: The packing should be beautiful and generous Packaging has the function of beautifying and publicizing the products, to fully show the characteristics, style and artistry of the products, can leave a deep and beautiful impression on consumers. The cosmetic packing of high-grade commodity and artwork should be able to foil especially its noble and elegant characteristic, give consumer with beautiful enjoyment. General low price goods also want elaborate design, clever dress up, make the person feels its cheap and fine quality. Extraordinary. 2. Packaging convenience The volume, capacity and form of iron box packaging of cosmetics products should be varied, and the weight and weight should be appropriate; Under the condition of tight sealing of cosmetic packaging, it is easy to open. 3. Selection of packaging materials The choice of packaging materials must be suitable for the physical, chemical, biological properties of cosmetic products, packaging tightness, barrier, good hardness to ensure that the product is not damaged, not metamorphism, deformation, leakage, not smell. 4. Packaging cost factor In the process of packaging, it is necessary to prevent unnecessary and expensive packaging costs, reduce the burden on consumers and save social resources, and limit packaging that is likely to cause environmental pollution and waste. 5. Regional differential design of packaging and decoration Different countries, regions and nationalities have their own different religious beliefs, values and customs in packaging design. Enterprises should design different cosmetic packaging according to the cultural environment and customs of consumers in different countries or regions to meet the needs of different target markets. 6. Packaging reflects the enterprise brand design The packaging of products should reflect the culture of an enterprise. Enterprises should pay attention to safeguard the interests of consumers, think for consumers, give consumers convenience, put an end to false propaganda, cheating consumers of unethical behavior, establish a good reputation of enterprises. In addition, packaging graphic label to be accurate, bright, can visually convey the product information, text and pattern to be standardized, unified, accurate, realistic.
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