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by:Changda     2020-06-17
Nowadays, with the rapid development of food industry, its market competition is more and more fierce. At present, there are a variety of cookie packaging on the market, cookie packaging materials are also different. There are four kinds of biscuits packaging: plastic packaging, wax paper packaging, cardboard packaging and tin packaging. 1. Plastic film packaging Material itself performance, price and freight and other irreplaceable advantages, so that it is widely used. Plastic film is a kind of good moistureproof packaging material, in the biscuit packaging is most used, there are mainly two forms: one is in bulk, is to measure the biscuits into the bag together, and then heat seal sealing; The other is wrapping, which means a certain amount of biscuits, generally 50-100g or so, arranged in a neat way, and then sealed with film wrapping. Plastic packaging features: (1) plastic sealing, barrier good, plastic light, easy to shape, simple packaging, convenient sales. This is the advantage of plastic packaging design. (2) plastic packaging disadvantages: it is not easy to natural decomposition, pollution of the environment, it is not easy to recycle Cause serious pollution to the environment. 2. Wax paper packaging materials, Wax paper wrapping is a simple form of biscuit packaging, as long as the biscuits are measured and arranged in order, sealed with wax paper wrapping. This method of shading, moistureproof, low cost, mostly used in bulk sales of biscuit packaging. 3. Carton packaging materials; Cartons are most widely used in various shapes, such as square, rectangle, octagonal, shaped and so on. Paper is the cheapest, and easy to dissolve and less pollution to the environment; Carton packaging printing convenient, than glass packaging, metal packaging light, easy to carry. Good packing strength, certain compression resistance, beautiful and generous, strong commodity, good moistureproof, shading, good printing adaptability and adhesion performance. 4. Tinplate packaging materials. Tin box packaging is made of tinned tinplate biscuit packaging. The shape of iron box is square, rectangle, cylinder, polygon, abnormity and so on. Tinplate packaging, good barrier performance, good tightness, high strength and good protection of products, the appearance of iron box packaging printing bright, generous; Tinplate packaging is durable, but the cost of materials and production costs are more expensive. Large storage space. Most of them are used for large packing or high-grade gift packing.
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