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by:Changda     2020-06-16
We often see creative can decorations, so today we offer you some of the most creative reusable can decorations you can try. Cans are within reach, often thrown away and used for the wrong purpose. While a tin can may look ugly at first glance, you can make attractive home accessories or small toys with little modification. Ideas are endless, and so are methods of recycling cans. One of the greatest advantages of reusing old cans is the low investment required to decorate or organize items. A dash of paint, colorful ribbons, and maybe a few corks, nails, and thread is a great way to start your can project. There is no way to make the tin can decorations correctly, only to be creative and let your imagination do the job for you. 1. Create a pen holder Tinned cans and small corks provide the perfect pen and pencil holder for your desk. Add figurines and decorate them for your children. 2. Table number of perforated tin cans Are you planning a big dinner party? Try to paint old tin cans brightly on the inside and punch holes in them in the shape of a table number, then place them to organize the table. 3. Use cans to grow flowers and plants It's always a good idea to grow your own spices and greens, so why not use an old tin can? They will look lovely on your kitchen counter. 4. Make beautiful vases Pastel colors, a bit of white ribbon and some old fashioned jewelry together make a beautiful set of vases that are perfect for table decorations. Outdoor garden lanterns and tin cans on the porch Garden lanterns change everything at night, but you don't have to spend a lot of money on fancy lanterns. Make your own outdoor lanterns out of tin cans by punching holes in them and placing small candles at night.
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