Analysis of | iron box information

by:Changda     2020-06-18

1 & middot; The trademark on the iron box is an important evidence to show the producer and to provide the quality of goods. Whether they are newly listed products or brand products, they are all spin heavily. The basic elements that need to be considered in packaging design are: color, shape and text. Choose the color that accords with commodity characteristic, facilitate consumer to distinguish and remember. With the combination of color and graphics, the visual recognition of graphics is particularly prominent. Graphic trademark, brand LOGO, enterprise LOGO, coupled with the text of the auxiliary description can more distinguish and native brands. 2. The main role of the product is that consumers can understand and distinguish the characteristics and advantages of the product quickly. The characteristics of the product determine its market grade. In the commodity positioning, the content of the commodity can be illustrated with abstract pictures to increase the authenticity and credibility. For example, children packaging design mainly blue or red cartoon character image, form a strong color contrast, have achieved lovely visual effect, fully reflect the feeling of tong Qu. So in the positioning of commodities, through the origin of commodities, commodities use, commodities grade positioning. 3. Who do consumers sell their positioning products to? It is an unavoidable problem in the process of selling and producing goods. In general, it can be divided into two categories: a. Different types of consumers and consumers' psychological factors. Different types of consumers: consumption objects are male, female, old, young, children, etc. B. Consumer psychological factors, such as practicality, interestingness, class, etc.

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