Airtight | iron box of cosmetic packaging

by:Changda     2020-06-18

In recent years, the main growth force of the cosmetics market comes from skin care products and cosmetics products, and more and more attention is paid to packaging. In the future, the consumer market will be further differentiated, miniaturized, personalized and green. Tinplate material will be the future development trend of the cosmetic packing product packaging design should also take into account the protective, functional and decorative, and to combine the three good, tinplate packaging to highlight the green environmental protection, safety and protective function of packaging, mutual influence, and associated, packaging need both protective and functional and decorative requirements at a suit, the protective function is the most basic and most important function, and with good barrier property is one of the product quality assurance. Is it necessary for cosmetics manufacturers to consider the barrier of cosmetic packaging? The answer is yes. The packaging materials used for cosmetics are mainly glass, ceramic and tinplate materials with good barrier properties. Tinplate packaging makes the product and the outside air isolation, can avoid the product due to contact with air oxidation deterioration, contaminated bacteria breeding, so as to protect the product. In the production of food packaging packaging of the barrier and the sealing of the same attention, because of the tinplate has a good barrier and air tightness, it is widely used. It plays a role in the quality, freshness, flavor and shelf life of food. But in the cosmetics packaging development, often in sealing is emphasized while ignored the barrier property of packaging, which is why encountered in the actual cosmetics development overall packing sealing do good cream or lotion products, after a period of time after open found has thickened cream texture is thick, even can't be used; There are also some formulations containing volatile organic active substances, which are slowly filtered out through packaging materials, resulting in the lack of corresponding active ingredients. Therefore, the barrier function of the packaging material needs to be considered in the design of cosmetic packaging, so as to ensure good skin feeling, preservation effect and extend the shelf life of the product.

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