Iron box packaging design

by:Changda     2020-06-16
A part of our customers wanted a new tin box design, and another part was to find a solution that would take the existing design to a new level. Our engineers and technicians are dedicated to the design of iron box containers and/or easy-to-open LIDS that will enhance the appeal of your products to consumers and increase the cost effectiveness of your production. We calculate all variables in tank design, execute all production processes to meet your performance requirements and competitive costs, and match leading metal economies. Once the packaging design is finalized, we will assist you in the production process from mold upgrade to complete the layout of the can or cap production line. In addition, we often negotiate with customers on the following projects: 1. Type of packaging raw materials 2. Reduce the weight of tank or lid (material thickness) Change of package size 4. Packaging and printing process flow 5. Iron box mold development. Our experienced engineers specialize in mold design at all stages of tank and lid production, whether the goal is to reduce material use, improve availability, or reduce production costs. Over the years, mold engineers have helped customers achieve many improvements and many innovations. We have designed unique molds for cup stamping, stretching, basic and top LIDS, and easy to open LIDS (beverages and food). Our experience in materials, operations and product handling will help you achieve the full transformation of material transformation solutions, whether steel to aluminum or vice versa. We achieve high quality iron box packaging through tank and mold design, material consultation, and line-to-line changes. Our design will be responsible for your entire project, as well as for debugging or new tin box design.
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