| iron box packaging design for Chinese New Year

by:Changda     2020-06-16
The Beginning of winter has arrived, the Spring Festival is not far away, many companies also began to prepare custom packaging, many enterprises need unique packaging boxes. Every holiday to visit relatives and friends, unavoidable to relatives and friends to send a New Year gift package, is the so-called: One good turn deserves another. Chinese people in the gift exchange process increased interaction, more enhance the feelings. Before giving gifts, the purchase of gifts is very important, the giver should not only choose the economical and applicable gifts, but also choose the gifts that look like high-end and festive atmosphere. Therefore, the gift manufacturers in the original packaging design need to spend a lot of ideas. Both to let consumers have the impulse to buy, but also to reflect the value of the product. Next we will introduce a few New Year gifts with gift bags in the packaging design. Take the above basket box packaging as an example. The designer first considers consumers' concerns about food safety and festive atmosphere, so the designer USES the yellow background that reflects appetite as the background to subconsciously convince consumers that this is a delicious food. Secondly, the designers divided the front of the package into three layers: upper, middle and lower. The upper face was assigned with the company logo and repeatedly emphasized. Be safe, fun, and secure. Product concept; The following part of the intuitive printed product QS certification, although the design style is simple, but the effect is very direct and obvious, it can make buyers more sure and understand the product is tested and certified by the relevant professional institutions. Therefore, the New Year gift with gift package design of the first point is: let consumers feel safe, assured, green. How to let the customer can feel the gift of the New Year goods stand or fall? New Year goods and gifts are amazing, but a unique package, more for its grace a lot. Therefore, the beauty of the packaging manufacturers in the gift packaging should spend more ideas design. In the design, our company fully considers the preferences of consumer groups, as well as the characteristics of the festival. For example, employees born in the 1990s prefer creative gifts. Some bright colors can be considered in packaging design to touch the hearts of young people. In addition, designers of Shangzhimei gift box manufacturers should also consider the company's culture, which can not only enhance brand cohesion, but also play a role in promoting the company's culture.
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