Iron box, tea tin box

by:Changda     2020-06-17
From firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea to qin, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine tea, tea and people's life are inseparable, tea and tea packaging contain traditional tea culture. It has thousands of years of historical accumulation and civilization inheritance, in the colorful Chinese civilization has a place, tea packaging is the main carrier of tea culture inheritance. As an important part of Chinese traditional culture, ink culture is widely used in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. This interpretation of traditional Chinese cultural concepts through black and white reflects the aesthetic value and cultural connotation of the Chinese nation. Ink painting culture is an artistic expression of the aesthetic concepts of Traditional Chinese Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. It has a prominent application in tea packaging design, highlighting the integration of traditional Chinese culture and philosophical thoughts. For example (as shown in the picture) the iron box packaging design of ginger tea skillfully USES the artistic elements of ink painting and calligraphy. 2. Tea culture has a long history, and there is a close relationship between tea and literati. Literati like to taste tea in the natural environment, feel the fragrance of tea, and enjoy the long distance of tea. Especially with tea as the theme, he has created a large number of poems and paintings, which permeates his love for tea into his works, fully reflecting the harmony and unity between man and nature, and at the same time expressing the infinite yearning of the literati for the ideal life. In order to create a lofty atmosphere of artistic conception, ink and wash culture is indispensable. It can not only convey the profound artistic conception, but also integrate it with the ideological connotation of tea culture to convey the transcendent and free from vulgarity. For example, in the current tea packaging design, there are many tea packaging designs with Traditional Chinese painting as the main design element. 3. Through the freehand brushwork of traditional Chinese painting, the vivid and natural image of tea packaging is highlighted. Although the technique is simple, it reflects a different artistic effect. It not only effectively improves the taste of tea, but also creates a deeper cultural atmosphere. One of the representatives of ink culture is the use of ink painting, which, like calligraphy, has profound traditional cultural heritage. Through the painting and rendering of ink and wash, it produces vivid artistic effects and improves the visual effect of tea packaging design. Since Chinese ink painting has a long history of development, it not only shows rich national characteristics, but also can give people a very high aesthetic experience and convey the profound beauty of artistic conception. Therefore, ink and wash culture is attracting more and more people's attention and love, and is being used more and more frequently in tea packaging design. These tea packaging not only enrich people's visual experience, but also have extremely high collection value, and have a positive influence on the promotion and dissemination of traditional culture. Whether ink painting or calligraphy works, in order to obtain the ideal visual effect, reasonable design and processing must be carried out in tea packaging design, which should be applied and reflected for different consumer groups.
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