Is installation service provided for tea storage box ?
In addition to providing customers with tea storage box and alternatives, Hangzhou Changda Can Tool Co., Ltd. also extends the offerings to installation services and other after-sales services. In order to solve problems quickly, we offer a variety of high-quality after-sales services to meet customers' personal inquiries and requirements. Our technical staff are experienced and will provide all their abilities and expertise.

Changda acts as the pioneer in promotional tin industry. The tea tins wholesale is one of the main products of Changda. The manufacturing process of Changda decorative gift boxes should follow standards about the furniture manufacturing process. It has passed the domestic certifications of CQC, CTC, QB. It provides excellent protection for the contents from harmful UV rays. The product offers a combination of cushioning and responsiveness. The cushioning spreads the load out across the foot to reduce the impact of landing, while the responsiveness facilitates bounce back effortlessly and quickly. This product is characterized by its excellent dimensional tolerances.

Deeply implementing new ideas and requirements for the brand construction of our company can not be influenced at all. Please contact us!
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