Is there free candy container sample provided?
Some candy container online are indicated "Free Sample" and could be arranged as such. But in the event the customer has some particular requirements like product dimensions, material, color or LOGO, we will bill the applicable expenses. We eager for your understanding that we'd love to bill the sample price that is deducted when the order is supported.

Hangzhou Changda Can Tool Co., Ltd. has made great achievements in metal tin containers industry with the help of each staff. The cigarette tin is one of the main products of Changda. Changda small serving tray comes into shape after several processes after considering space elements. The processes are mainly drawing, including design sketch, three views, and exploded view, frame fabricating, surface painting, and assembling. This product provides an easy way for people to pick up what they need. The product features enough hardness and toughness. The primary seal part is usually made of welded metal which has strong hardness. This product is widely used for packaging food, gifts, tea, cosmetics, and electronic products.

Enthusiastically participating in the task of serving customers and creating value is important for Changda in the future. Get an offer!
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